© 2018 by Taylor Hayden


I love capturing those raw, vulnerable moments, that are sometimes overlooked, and turning them into something that you will cherish forever. Moments that are gone within seconds and making them last a lifetime. Capturing natural beauty and emotion is something that I never grow tired of doing. 

No matter what the occasion, choosing a photographer is important, and can be intimidating. Feeling comfortable and being able to let loose in front of a camera isn't everyones cup of tea. But don't let that stop you from booking a session with me. I want to focus on the experience and what you felt during your session. I want to capture your honest emotion and document small moments that you could never pose. I never want to feel like I am prompting and posing you the whole time. It's more like we are just hanging out, vibing out to some jams, and letting the rest unfold. 

Our current focuses are brand campaigns, portraits and couples.

We do offer weddings and other types of photography sessions upon request.

Please check out the drop town tabs above to see if we are a fit for you! 


Are you available for travel?


What will I be receiving?

Depending on your session (seniors 40-75) (couples 50-150) (weddings 300-800) 

You will receive a link to your own personal gallery showcasing all of your images. 

From there, you will be able to download them and put them on your computer and phone.   


When and how do I pay?

I accept cash or check. Payment is due the day of the shoot for seniors and couples,

1 month prior for weddings.  


Is there anything I can’t do with the images?

Please do not re-edit the photos or resale. Do not send the images to

brands/companies unless they are willing to give credit to the photographer upon reposting. 


What if I want to shoot outside of Evansville?

YAY! I love to travel. Traveling fees apply outside of Evansville, IN.

Please contact me with details of where you are located or wanting to shoot. 


What should I wear for the shoot?

Neutrals are best. No bright colors or patterns. Nothing too "trendy". Something you

will never look back on and regret. Know what flatters you and just be you!  

Some colors I recommend are Black, Brown, Navy, Olive Green, Tan, anything Denim or Leather. 


Do I pick the locations?

If you have locations in mind, I would love to hear them

prior to the shoot day. If not, I always scout for you.