Ep 1. Getting Ready

Our wedding took place along the beautiful coast of Southern California. Sunset Cliffs to be exact. Its a huge rocky cliff area where there aren't any public beaches. Just the roaring ocean crashing against the rocks. Epic right? My grandma rented out a 10 bedroom Airbnb and our whole family and friends stayed in it the week prior to the wedding. We went to the beach, went to Disneyland for my bachelorette, Noah went snowboarding up in Big Bear with the guys, and we celebrated all week long. We joked and called it "wedding week." A lot of crazy things happened the week of my wedding... I mean CRAZY. Noah's sister got hit by a drunk driver in our bible college parking lot, (she wasn't hurt by the grace of God) I had to go to the ER and get stitches all up my hand from ripping it open on a nail, my phone broke and wouldn't turn on for like 72 hours, I could honestly keep going.. I only say this because people only see the pretty great things about weddings. Like the photos and the dress and the glitz and glam.

As much as you want everything to be perfect, things happen that are outside of our control. I had a constant attitude of living by faith the week of my wedding. I knew that I had done everything I could planning wise, and the rest was in the Lord's hands. My bridesmaids were so confused all week on how I had such a good attitude despite everything that was happening... it was soley because I chose to have faith in the Lord. He brought joy out of every bad circumstance. I even got to share my testimony with the doctor doing my stitches. lol. The Lord was about to do a great work in the covenant Noah and I made and we rested in that. 

Back to the fun part:

I woke up early on my wedding day because I was too excited.. I gathered the gifts for my bridesmaids and woke them up. After surprising them, we threw on our matching rompers and we went to Lofty Coffee in San Diego for avocado toast and lattes. We took our time at breakfast, sat outside and planned the morning. My bridesmaids doubled as coordinators for me, they helped me stay on track all day, they rocked! All of my bridesmaids did their own hair and makeup and it was a super chill time. We got ready, listened to Bob Marley (because reggae is the music my soul sings) had more coffee, and headed out for photos! 

Before I even start sharing my photos. Jonnie and Garrett. Wow.

These talented people/childhood friends were our lovely photographers. 


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