Ep. 3 First Look

A first look is a moment that the bride and groom shares together alone before the ceremony. This is something that we really thought about not doing because we wanted the initial first look to be when I walked down the isle. We changed our minds because we wanted to have a few moments to talk and share with each other away from everyone else, before the rush of the day happened. It was so special and so intimate. Although Noah saw my dress and everything during the first look, he still cried when I walked down the isle and was just as moved. I really loved having this quiet little moment with Noah laughing about how we were so nervous and yet so thrilled. It took all the nerves away when it came down to walk down the isle and instead I was overly joyed. We both couldn't stop smiling. I felt like my wedding day went by so fast and almost blurry, but this is one moment that felt like it lasted forever. 

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