Ep. 4 Ceremony

Exchanging vows under a 15 foot Eucalyptus garland, while watching the sun go down over the water. Our ceremony. What a special memory that I will never forget. Standing on the edge of a cliff in California, surrounded by 60 of my closest friends and family. It was truly something so very special. Having a small ceremony was something I had always wanted and I loved how intimate and personal it was. I felt every person that was there. 

I had a moment during the ceremony where I was looking over Noahs shoulder out over the water. I watched a few waves come in and crash along the rocks. What was left of the sun kissing the oceans horizon. I felt so much peace and whispered "thank you God" It was one of those moments when I was completely and one hundred percent present. No distraction, no other voices, just the sound of the waves and the birds and seeing my groom smiling back at me. 

It was one of the best moments from my wedding day. 

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