Our Wedding Video

This has to be the most highly requested thing of my life. I promise we intended to finish this bad boy WAY before now. But sometimes time just gets away from you. Noah is a videographer so we really wanted to edit our video ourselves to get every moment that we wanted and make it as personal as we could.We had a few close friends take some footage throughout our entire day. After 50 hours of looking through footage between 4 cameras and drone footage. After weeks of editing and a full year of moving, traveling, starting a business, and getting settled. We finished it!!

Well, to be honest it has been finished since December of 2017. Noah surprised me with it for Christmas morning and I balled like a baby..... We added some finishing touches and we are ready to share it! We are excited to share a little glimpse into our most favorite day. 

We hope you love it


Taylor and Noah

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