Ep. 2 Bridal Party

I am going to introduce all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to you guys.

Each person that was at our wedding was family or is basically family to us. 

Kaylie: My maid of honor and little sister whom I adore. 

Brooke: My sister-in-love who has always been my little sis.


Fae: My best friend who doubles as my actual sister.


Justeleen: My bestfriend from California who is a ray of sunshine upon my life. 

Josiah: Noahs best man and little brother. 

David: One of Noah's band members and closest friend growing up.

TJ: Noah's best friend from California who acts like a brother to him. 

Michael: One of Noah's band members and close friend growing up. 

Jake: One of Noah's close friends from childhood. 

My flower babies: Noah's cousins from California and some of my favorite little girls. 

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