What you get: 4 Presets 

1. Sunshine

2. Santa Monica

3. Laguna 

4. Encinitas 


This is my first preset pack. I started off my brand using these exact presets for clients as well as my personal Instagram. This pack is inspired entirely by the California coast. Early morning sunrises, beach days, sunkissed skin, and chasing the sunset at golden hour. These things are a deep part of me & make me feel something that I cannot put into words.

So I put them into presets. 


*THE LIGHTROOM APP IS FREE AND CAN BE DOWNLOADED DIRECTLY TO YOUR PHONE. Perfect to edit anytime, anywhere. These will help you achieve better imagery and teach you how to adjust exposure, shadows, and colors within Lightroom. These presets are not a one click preset and adjustments will be needed for different lighting scenerios. This pack is user friendly and easy to use, perfect for your social platforms. 


Thank you so much for supporting me.

Sunshine Pack Desktop