Hey senior, you made it. 

It's time to get those photos for mom and dad. Don’t worry it’s going to be so much fun. I know how important it is to choose the right photographer and you deserve the one who will capture your personality best. Therefore; I want to be super transparent. I do things a little differently. I won't have you doing weird poses, fake smiles, holding props, and all that crazy stuff. I want to give you an experience that you will always remember. I am all about capturing your personality and emotion in the most natural way possible. Whether that means dancing around down the street, scaling rooftops, twirling in some flower fields, or chasing the sunset at golden hour. WHATEVER you want to do, I'm in. 

The Experience

I want us to trust each other fully so we can get the best photos possible. Don’t worry about posing right or stress too much about your outfit (I will help with all of it) it’s going to be so much fun and by the end of it, we will basically be besties. I will tell you all that you need to know and direct you the entire shoot. If you think you aren't "good in front of the camera" don't worry at all. I got you! 

What you need to know

Scheduling: Email me to schedule your session. From there we can chat about dates, times, locations, outfits, meeting points, ect. I will send over my questionnaire to fill out so I can get to know you and the direction you want to go for the shoot. That will help me keep all of your information on file for booking. I will follow up once I receive the finished questionnaire and make sure everything is set in place for your shoot. 

Response Time

I will send sneak peaks a few days after the shoot so you can have a few to treasure while you wait. My turnaround time for senior photos is 4-6 weeks from your shoot date. I usually have them done before then but this is my alloted timeframe. Please do not text, call, or email me asking for the photos. When they are finished I will send them immediately. Trust me, I am just as excited as you are!! 

What to wear? Click here for my outfit guide. 

Senior Session

2 hours of shooting time​

1-2 locations 

Multiple looks (3 maximum)

A personal gallery of all professionally edited,

high resolution images available for download. 

Usually around 40-60 photos. 





Hi, I'm Taylor

I am an experienced photographer who specializes in portraits and lifestyle. I creative direct the shoot while also capturing your favorite moments to look back on. I hope to make the experience just as great as the photos. 


Evansville, Indiana / Senior "You made me feel beautiful and gave me confidence in the session. It was a wonderful experience. I loved how every second was fun. You knew the right things to say to make it not a awkward. You’re a down to earth person." Allison


Newburgh, Indiana / Senior "You were very good with communication! I enjoyed how you went out of your way to find out more about me and my style so you knew what type of pictures would match my personality the best." Kenna


Evansville, Indiana / Senior "I was very nervous about the shoot because I’m not used to all of the attention being on myself, but you made me very very comfortable in front of the camera." Berkley


Newburgh, Indiana / Senior "I loved the uniqueness of the shots, they weren’t like your typical senior pictures. I was a little hesitant about some of the poses but I loved getting the pictures back and seeing how they all turned out in the end." Elly


Evansville, Indiana / Senior "Noah and Taylor were very nice and patient, and calming. It felt natural. I love the way that they cared so much about how the pictures turned out and the effort put into them." Abbey


Newburgh, Indiana / Senior "I love your vibe on instagram, and my sister and I fell in love with your photos. We also love your coffee shop:) I thought you were professional, super friendly and extremely easy to talk to. My favorite part of the shoot was getting to talk to you guys and learning how to pose for pictures." Michelle


Dana Point, California / Senior "I loved how natural it was! In the past, being in front of the camera has been an awkward experience for me, but it felt completely normal and even fun! You guys were so kind & super considerate of what I wanted! You made this experience super easy and special for me. You were super accommodating and knew exactly what I wanted." Claire


Newburgh, Indiana / Senior "I loved being able to show my personality and having you guys encourage me to do so! I was a little nervous but you guys were the perfect people to take my pictures. You captured me and who I am within every single photo! You made me feel comfortable and communicated well. You were also so fun and professional! Thank you so much for making this such an amazing experience! Please stay true to your style. I will never forget this." Payton


New Harmony, Indiana / Senior "I loved the way they edited the pictures and how they didn’t just do the basic senior pics! It was super fun, they made things seem so light and not awkward or boring. " Meghan


Evansville, Indiana / Senior "The work that they have promoted is awesome and I love the style! Not only did they take my photos, but they also helped me throughout the process. Communicated perfectly!! So, personable! I felt comfortable the whole time." Katelynn


Nashville, Tennessee / Senior "My favorite part of my shoot was just getting to explore Nashville and finding the right background for each one of my outfits. You always had ideas after ideas and it was really nice just having you guys to tell me what to do so it went by easier." Kaylie

Past Seniors