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Weddings are a huge investment and we realize this from our own wedding. We know how stressful finding the perfect photographer can be. They have to fit your style, and of course fit the budget. If there is one thing I have learned it's do not to choose a photographer solely based on the price. Choose someone that will capture your love story perfectly. Someone that you mesh/vibe with, after all they will be apart of your wedding day. If you love our style and you think that photographer is us, 

1. We are honored. 2. Let's do this.


Kalie & Mark

May 2nd, 2019

Newburgh, IN

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We LOVE third wheeling on anyones adventure. We are always down for hiking, swimming, crawling to whatever spot you choose. Barefoot on the coast, or a backyard intimate hangout, whatever it may be, let us make the most of your love story. 


Travel fees apply, we are always looking to fly,

train, boat, or road trip to wherever you and your lover are.

 If budget scares you and your unsure if you can swing our prices.

Shoot us an email anyhow and maybe we can work something out.

A little package just for you - don't be shy!

Email: taylornicolehayden@gmail.com

Start At: $1,300.00